Most Famous British Birthdays in July 30

Here is a list of some of the most famous British people born in July 30. Before that let us check some other interesting facts of this date.

July 30 Specialties : 'International Day of Friendship' and 'World Day against Trafficking in Persons'

July Born Characteristics

  • July born are known for their moody nature.
  • They are very obstinate and pessimistic.
  • They are sympathetic but yet suspicious.
  • They are highly imaginative and thus can be in to literature.
  • Yet they always feel insecure.

30th date Born specialities

  • You always a great sense of art in you.
  • In each touch of yours, like the King Midas, your touch makes the thing decorative and beautiful.
  • Be it a dress, your house, plants or anything, you have so much of artistic magic in you.
  • Focus on the talent you have and build and encourage it rather than spending time in social networks.
  • You lack that determination and focus which you need to possess in order to be successful.

List of British Celebrities Born on July 30

See the details of 30th July born British famous people. Click on the name link to get more details of that person.

Megan Day

British Actress
Date of Birth : July-30-1997

Kelly Aishling Gray

British Actress
Date of Birth : July-30-1993

Adam Barrett

British Self
Date of Birth : July-30-1992

Diana Vickers

British Soundtrack
Date of Birth : July-30-1991

Nathanael Baring

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1990

Lara Jean Marshall

British Actress
Date of Birth : July-30-1988

Holly Peers

British Fashion
Date of Birth : July-30-1987

Paul Braund

British Casting Department
Date of Birth : July-30-1985

Aml Ameen

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1985

Morgan Palmer Hubbard

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1983

James Merry

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1982

Ian Watkins

British Soundtrack
Date of Birth : July-30-1977

Sian Gibson

British Actress
Date of Birth : July-30-1976

Rikki Chamberlain

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1973

Christopher Nolan

British Director
Date of Birth : July-30-1970

Ben Jorgensen

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1969

Stuart Nurse

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1966

Pete Tong

British Music Department
Date of Birth : July-30-1960

Daley Thompson

British Athletes
Date of Birth : July-30-1958

Kate Bush

British Singer
Date of Birth : July-30-1958

Phil Davis

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1953

Harriet Harman

British Self
Date of Birth : July-30-1950

Frances de la Tour

British Actress
Date of Birth : July-30-1944

Shirley Burniston

British Actress
Date of Birth : July-30-1933

Brian Clemens

British Writer
Date of Birth : July-30-1931

Richard Johnson

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1927

Stan Stennett

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1925

Geoffrey Wardwell

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1900

Henry Moore

British Sculptors
Date of Birth : July-30-1898

Holmes Herbert

British Actor
Date of Birth : July-30-1882

Emily Brontë

British Novelists
Date of Birth : July-30-1818

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Famous British people born in July by dates

Here you can view the list of celebrities by date wise. Click on the date in month July and see the list of British famous people having birthday on that date.

1st July Born British People

British Gamers

2nd July Born British People

Alec Douglas-Home
British Prime Ministers

3rd July Born British People

Edward Young
British Writer

4th July Born British People

Emmeline Pankhurst
British Political Activists

5th July Born British People

Cecil John Rhodes
British Business People

6th July Born British People

Courtney Hadwin
British Reality TV Personalities

7th July Born British People

Holly Hagan
British Reality TV Personalities

8th July Born British People

Jean Collins
British Actress

9th July Born British People

Barbara Cartland
British Writer

10th July Born British People

Aphra Behn
British Writer

11th July Born British People

Diana Churchill
British Celebrity Family Member

12th July Born British People

Anna Friel
British Activists

13th July Born British People

Chris Ingham
British Vlogger

14th July Born British People

Anne Hegerty
British TV Presenters

15th July Born British People

Olly Alexander
British Singer

16th July Born British People

Alexander Gilkes
British Business People

17th July Born British People

Alun Armstrong
British Actor

18th July Born British People

Feargus OConnor
British Political Activists

19th July Born British People

Benedict Cumberbatch
British Actor

20th July Born British People

Anatol Yusef
British Actor

21st July Born British People

Jaime Murray
British Actress

22nd July Born British People

Blake Harrison
British Actor

23rd July Born British People

Daniel Radcliffe
British Actor

24th July Born British People

John Newton
British Priests

25th July Born British People

Arthur Balfour
British Prime Ministers

26th July Born British People

Alfred Marshall
British Economists

27th July Born British People

George Shelley
British Radio Jockeys

28th July Born British People

Beatrix Potter
British Writer

29th July Born British People

Amy Lee33
British Gamers

30th July Born British People

Christopher Nolan
British Director

31st July Born British People

J. K. Rowling
British Novelists

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