Most Famous Cuban Birthdays in November 25

Here is a list of some of the most famous Cuban people born in November 25. Before that let us check some other interesting facts of this date.

November 25 Specialty : 'International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women'

November Born Characteristics

  • They are brave, passionate and a true friend.
  • They are resourceful and brave.
  • Those born in November are distrusting and also jealous.
  • They have a great sense of humour and speaks undiplomatically.
  • The undelivered promises they make will make these people untrustworthy.

25th date Born specialities

  • You excel in the career of teaching, psychology, science, philosophy etc.
  • You do not believe things blindly unless and until you have a reason or proof to believe so.
  • This is how your analytical skill helps you but listen to heart also while study your life issues.
  • As you do not trust people easily, you fail in sharing your emotions with others.
  • Being, a social animal it is very necessary that you confide and share your emotions with friends or those close to heart, thus start trusting people.

List of Cuban Celebrities Born on November 25

See the details of 25th November born Cuban famous people. Click on the name link to get more details of that person.


Cuban Actress
Date of Birth : November-25-1967

Leonela Gonzalez

Cuban Actress
Date of Birth : November-25-1930

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Famous Cuban people born in November by dates

Here you can view the list of celebrities by date wise. Click on the date in month November and see the list of Cuban famous people having birthday on that date.

5th November Born Cuban People

René Lavan
Cuban Actor

7th November Born Cuban People

Ernesto de Gali
Cuban Actor

8th November Born Cuban People

Elioret Silva
Cuban Actor

11th November Born Cuban People

Carlos Lacamara
Cuban Actor

12th November Born Cuban People

Harold García
Cuban Actor

17th November Born Cuban People

Eli Marrero
Cuban Actor

18th November Born Cuban People

Oscar Nuñez
Cuban Actor

19th November Born Cuban People

Manuel Pérez
Cuban Writer

21st November Born Cuban People

Lilia Lazo
Cuban Actress

23rd November Born Cuban People

Luis Tiant
Cuban Actor

24th November Born Cuban People

Aylín Mújica
Cuban Actress

27th November Born Cuban People

Jose Tartabull
Cuban Self

29th November Born Cuban People

Minnie Minoso
Cuban Self

30th November Born Cuban People

Marco Rizo
Cuban Actor

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