Maiko is a famous American Actress. Her birthday was on 15th March 1985. Her birth star sign (Zodiac Sign) is Pisces. Maiko height is about 168 cm. Her born place was Seattle, Washington, USA.

Maiko Birthday, Height and zodiac sign
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Maiko Biodata

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Birthday (M/D/Y)March-15-1985 View March 15 Birthdays
Birthday (iso 8601 format)1985-03-15T00:00:00-08:00
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign)Pisces
Height in cm168
Height in feet & inches5 ft 6 ins
Born PlaceSeattle, Washington, USA
Current Age in years37 years 6 months 11 days

Celebrities with same Birthday of Maiko

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Eva AmurriAmericanActress178cm
Kellan LutzAmericanActor185cm
Kellan LutzAmericanActor183cm
Eva Amurri MartinoAmericanActress175cm
James MaclurcanAustralianThe Hitman's Bodyguard183cm
Ko IwagamiJapaneseCasting Director176cm
Marian FriedrichGermanActor195cm

Celebrities with same age of Maiko

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Adrian PetersonAmericanAmerican Football PlayersMarch-21-1985185cm
Blake McIver EwingAmericanActivistsMarch-27-1985170cm
CJ PerryAmericanWrestlersMarch-24-1985170cm
Dominick CruzAmericanMixed Martial ArtistsMarch-9-1985173cm
Emile HirschAmericanActorMarch-13-1985170cm
Erin RobinsonAmericanVloggerMarch-28-1985173cm
Eva AmurriAmericanActressMarch-15-1985178cm
Haruka AyaseJapaneseActressMarch-24-1985165cm
James WolkAmericanActorMarch-22-1985187cm
Jessica SzohrAmericanActressMarch-31-1985165cm
Jonathan GroffAmericanActorMarch-26-1985180cm
Keira KnightleyBritishActressMarch-26-1985170cm

Celebrities with same age & height of Maiko

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Africa ZavalaMexicanActressAugust-12-1985
Allyson FelixAmericanAthletesNovember-18-1985
Alyssa DiazAmericanChildren's Rights ActivistsSeptember-7-1985
Arianny CelesteAmericanFashionNovember-12-1985
Chad MendesAmericanMixed Martial ArtistsMay-1-1985
Cheryl ScottAmericanMedia PersonalitiesJanuary-29-1985
Cynthia Addai-RobinsonAmerican, BritishActressJanuary-12-1985
Freddie WongAmericanGamersSeptember-13-1985
Hwang Jung-eumSouth KoreanActressJanuary-25-1985
Kaley CuocoAmericanActressNovember-30-1985
Keyshia Ka'oirJamaicanCEOsJanuary-10-1985
Léa SeydouxFrenchActressJuly-1-1985
Masika KalyshaAmericanReality TV PersonalitiesJune-7-1985
Matthew SantoroCanadianSocial Media StarJuly-16-1985
Mia SwierAmericanBassistsSeptember-1-1985
Molly QerimAmericanMedia PersonalitiesMarch-31-1985
Seo Hyun-jinSouth KoreanSingerFebruary-27-1985
Susannah FieldingBritishActressJune-10-1985
Daniel InkelesAmericanProducerNovember-9-1985
Kaley CuocoAmericanActressNovember-30-1985

American Celebrities with same age of Maiko

Here is a list of famous persons who born in same year and same country of Maiko.
Abigail HawkActressMay-4-1985173
Adrian PetersonAmerican Football PlayersMarch-21-1985185
Alex ClarkVloggerFebruary-1-1985
Alex HirschVoice ActorsJune-18-1985173
Alexa Ray JoelPianistsDecember-29-1985157
Allison MillerActressSeptember-2-1985150
Allyson FelixAthletesNovember-18-1985168
Alyssa DiazChildren's Rights ActivistsSeptember-7-1985168
Amanda SeyfriedActressDecember-3-1985160
Anna KendrickActressAugust-9-1985157
Anna WoodActressDecember-30-1985170
Annamarie TendlerFamous PersonJune-9-1985183
Anthony FantanoVloggerOctober-28-1985185
April AthenaVloggerApril-7-1985
Arden ChoActressAugust-16-1985163
Arianny CelesteFashionNovember-12-1985168
Arielle KebbelActressFebruary-19-1985173
Ashley CostelloSingerFebruary-21-1985163
Ashley TisdaleActressJuly-2-1985160
Ashlynn BrookeAdult Film StarsAugust-14-1985157

American Celebrities with same height & age of Maiko

Here is a list of most famous people who born in same year and with same height of Maiko.
Allyson FelixAthletesNovember-18-1985
Alyssa DiazChildren's Rights ActivistsSeptember-7-1985
Arianny CelesteFashionNovember-12-1985
Chad MendesMixed Martial ArtistsMay-1-1985
Cheryl ScottMedia PersonalitiesJanuary-29-1985
Cynthia Addai-RobinsonActressJanuary-12-1985
Freddie WongGamersSeptember-13-1985
Kaley CuocoActressNovember-30-1985
Masika KalyshaReality TV PersonalitiesJune-7-1985
Mia SwierBassistsSeptember-1-1985
Molly QerimMedia PersonalitiesMarch-31-1985
Daniel InkelesProducerNovember-9-1985
Kaley CuocoActressNovember-30-1985
Jeffrey LiconActorAugust-29-1985
Ronnie MagroActorDecember-4-1985
Freddie WongDirectorSeptember-13-1985
Alyssa DiazActressSeptember-7-1985
Sarah ButlerActressFebruary-11-1985
Agnes BrucknerActressAugust-16-1985
Kate Lyn SheilActressJune-13-1985

General Queries about Maiko

When is the birthday of Maiko?
15th March 1985
How tall is Maiko?
168 cm
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