Most Famous British Birthdays in June 26

Here is a list of some of the most famous British people born in June 26. Before that let us check some other interesting facts of this date.

June 26 Specialties : 'International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking' and 'United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture'

June Born Characteristics

  • Those born in June are gentle and affectionate.
  • They are curios and exchange ideas very well.
  • Their indecisive nature can trouble them.
  • June born are nervous and inconsistent.
  • Above all, emotional dilemma can deprive them from their happiness.

26th date Born specialities

  • You are a person who is very ambitious, practical and confident.
  • Sky is the limit for your dreams and you do not give value the feelings of others is a big challenge in life.
  • It is very mandatory; that you balance your business goals with the arrogant tone you have for others, in order to maintain harmony in both personal and professional life.
  • You have the desire for being complimented and so do others are what you have to bear in mind.
  • Maintain your courage and willingness to face problems in life because life may knock you down very often, enabling you to get up each time.

List of British Celebrities Born on June 26

See the details of 26th June born British famous people. Click on the name link to get more details of that person.

Morgan Rhys

British Actor
Date of Birth : June-26-1995

Matthew Duggan

British Actor
Date of Birth : June-26-1983

Tolga Safer

British Actor
Date of Birth : June-26-1982

Caitlin Turner

British Actress
Date of Birth : June-26-1973

Stuart McCowan

British Sound Department
Date of Birth : June-26-1972

Paul M. Field

British Actor
Date of Birth : June-26-1971

Thomas Napper

British Director
Date of Birth : June-26-1970

Colin Greenwood

British Soundtrack
Date of Birth : June-26-1969

Steven Brand

British Actor
Date of Birth : June-26-1969

Jerry Grayson

British A View to a Kill
Date of Birth : June-26-1955

Mick Jones

British Soundtrack
Date of Birth : June-26-1955

Robert Maudsley

British Murderers
Date of Birth : June-26-1953

Clive Francis

British Actor
Date of Birth : June-26-1946

Valerie Gaunt

British Actress
Date of Birth : June-26-1932

Rosemary Dorken

British Actress
Date of Birth : June-26-1931

Robert Arnold

British Actor
Date of Birth : June-26-1931

Freddie Mills

British Actor
Date of Birth : June-26-1919

Fanny Rowe

British Actress
Date of Birth : June-26-1913

Bob Gladman

British Citizen Kane
Date of Birth : June-26-1886

Ernest Torrence

British Actor
Date of Birth : June-26-1878

Lord Kelvin

British Mathematicians
Date of Birth : June-26-1824

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Famous British people born in June by dates

Here you can view the list of celebrities by date wise. Click on the date in month June and see the list of British famous people having birthday on that date.

1st June Born British People

Edward Woodward
British Singer

2nd June Born British People

Charlie Watts
British Blues Musicians

3rd June Born British People

George V
British Emperors & Kings

4th June Born British People

Anna Maynard
British Singer

5th June Born British People

James Connolly
British Leaders

6th June Born British People

Dale Cregan
British Murderers

7th June Born British People

Bear Grylls
British Explorers

8th June Born British People

Francis Crick
British Biologists

9th June Born British People

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
British Physicians

10th June Born British People

Chris Dixon
British Vlogger

11th June Born British People

Anne Neville
British Empresses & Queens

12th June Born British People

Anthony Eden
British Leaders

13th June Born British People

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
British Actor

14th June Born British People

Boy George
British Singer

15th June Born British People

Edward, the Black Prince
British Leaders

16th June Born British People

British Gamers

17th June Born British People

Edward I of England
British Emperors & Kings

18th June Born British People

Emma Heming
British Actress

19th June Born British People

Boris Johnson
British Leaders

20th June Born British People

Esmé Ingham
British Social Media Star

21st June Born British People

David Morrissey
British Actor

22nd June Born British People

Chloe Delevingne
British Famous Person

23rd June Born British People

Alan Turing
British Computer Scientists

24th June Born British People

Amber Rose Revah
British Actress

25th June Born British People

George Michael
British Musicians

26th June Born British People

Lord Kelvin
British Mathematicians

27th June Born British People

Alan Coren
British Editors

28th June Born British People

Ed Westwick
British Actor

29th June Born British People

Joel SmallishBeans
British Gamers

30th June Born British People

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini
British Singer

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