Most Famous British Birthdays in August 12

Here is a list of some of the most famous British people born in August 12. Before that let us check some other interesting facts of this date.

August 12 Specialty : 'International Youth Day'

August Born Characteristics

  • They are so cheerful and warm-hearted.
  • Their humorous nature attracts a lot of friends around them.
  • But they are not very flexible to adapt to all situations of life.
  • The stubborn nature of these people makes enemies very easily like they make friends.
  • They may be creative but lazy.

12th date Born specialities

  • It is very easy to make out whether you love what you do, because while doing what you love, you express your complete talent in it.
  • The level of energy in you is so high that you will be the life of the party.
  • You are a person who gets confused about the priorities in life.
  • You need to manage and prioritize things in life according to the importance of each rather than wasting time on minor issues.
  • The witty personality in you takes advantage of any given situation and will be content easily.

List of British Celebrities Born on August 12

See the details of 12th August born British famous people. Click on the name link to get more details of that person.


British Gamers
Date of Birth : August-12-1995

Cara Delevingne

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1992

Andrew Clarke

British Writer
Date of Birth : August-12-1991

Aisling Knight

British Visual Effects
Date of Birth : August-12-1990

Francesca Wood

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1987

David Dineley

British Camera Department
Date of Birth : August-12-1986

Sam Branson

British Actor
Date of Birth : August-12-1985

Camellia Rahbary

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1985

Charlotte Salt

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1985

Catherine Balavage

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1984

Stephen Quinn

British Actor
Date of Birth : August-12-1982

Nicola Stewart

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1976

Nichola Holt

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1971

Hussein Chalayan

British Fashion Designers
Date of Birth : August-12-1970

Charles Mesure

British Actor
Date of Birth : August-12-1970

Michael Dobson

British Actor
Date of Birth : August-12-1966

Lonny Chin

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1960

Amanda Redman

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1957

Simon Groom

British Producer
Date of Birth : August-12-1950

Mark Knopfler

British Soundtrack
Date of Birth : August-12-1949

John Nathan-Turner

British Producer
Date of Birth : August-12-1947

Iain Blair

British Actor
Date of Birth : August-12-1942

Oliver Ford Davies

British Actor
Date of Birth : August-12-1939

Alan Marshall

British Producer
Date of Birth : August-12-1938

Elizabeth Shepherd

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1936

Barbara Hicks

British Actress
Date of Birth : August-12-1924

Frank T. Davies

British Self
Date of Birth : August-12-1904

George IV of the United Kingdom

British Emperors & Kings
Date of Birth : August-12-1762

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Famous British people born in August by dates

Here you can view the list of celebrities by date wise. Click on the date in month August and see the list of British famous people having birthday on that date.

1st August Born British People

Anderson Webb
British Vlogger

2nd August Born British People

Angus Imrie
British Actor

3rd August Born British People

Joseph Paxton
British Architects

4th August Born British People

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
British Empresses & Queens

5th August Born British People

Alfred Lord Tennyson
British Writer

6th August Born British People

Clare Siobhan Callery
British Gamers

7th August Born British People

Bruce Dickinson
British Musicians

8th August Born British People

Dani Dyer
British Actress

10th August Born British People

Andrew Sullivan
British Editors

11th August Born British People

Aaron Klug
British Chemists

12th August Born British People

Cara Delevingne
British Actress

13th August Born British People

Alan Shearer
British Football Players

14th August Born British People

Sarah Brightman
British Singer

15th August Born British People

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
British Football Players

16th August Born British People

Arthur Cayley
British Mathematicians

17th August Born British People

Alan Minter
British Boxers

18th August Born British People

Sarita Choudhury
British Actress

19th August Born British People

Jim Carter
British Actor

20th August Born British People

Abigail Hopkins
British Actress

21st August Born British People

Brian Whittaker
British Instagram Models

22nd August Born British People

Dua Lipa
British Singer

23rd August Born British People

Henry Every
British Criminals

24th August Born British People

David Brown
British Singer

25th August Born British People

Conrad Black
British Business People

26th August Born British People

Alison Steadman
British Actress

27th August Born British People

C. S. Forester
British Writer

28th August Born British People

Florence Welch
British Singer

29th August Born British People

James Hunt
British F1 Drivers

30th August Born British People

Angel Coulby
British Actress

31st August Born British People

Chloe Ferry
British Film & Theater Personalities

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