Tink is a famous American Singer. Her birthday was on 18th March 1995. Her birth star sign (Zodiac Sign) is Pisces. Tink height is about 165 cm. Her born place was Calumet City, Illinois.

Tink Birthday, Height and zodiac sign
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Birthday (M/D/Y)March-18-1995 View March 18 Birthdays
Birthday (iso 8601 format)1995-03-18T00:00:00-08:00
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign)Pisces
Height in cm165
Height in feet & inches5 ft 4 ins
Born PlaceCalumet City, Illinois
Current Age in years26 years 6 months 2 days

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Alyssa LozovskayaRussianActress165cm
Carson AllenAmericanActress173cm
Julia Goldani TellesAmericanActress170cm
Julia Goldani TellesAmericanBallet Dancers170cm
Tom WarnerBritishDirector183cm

Celebrities with same age of Tink

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Alyssa LozovskayaRussianActressMarch-18-1995165cm
Amir AizenstrosAustralianActorMarch-10-1995184cm
Anne de PaulaBrazilianFashionMarch-31-1995175cm
Avery TipladyCanadianActorMarch-8-1995146cm
Bella NalleBritishActressMarch-19-1995170cm
Bill MilnerBritishActorMarch-4-1995179cm
Callum WoodwardBritishCamera DepartmentMarch-10-1995183cm
Carson AllenAmericanActressMarch-18-1995173cm
Chloe June O'ShannonAmericanActressMarch-2-1995160cm
Cierra RamirezAmericanActressMarch-9-1995155cm
Cierra RamirezAmericanActressMarch-9-1995155cm
Claressa ShieldsAmericanSelfMarch-17-1995178cm

Celebrities with same age & height of Tink

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Alyssa LozovskayaRussianActressMarch-18-1995
Ambrosia KelleyAmericanActressOctober-4-1995
Amelia WoodBritishActressAugust-21-1995
Arabella ZaremberMexicanCostume DepartmentApril-29-1995
Bekah MartinezAmericanReality TV PersonalitiesFebruary-10-1995
Brittany LewisAmericanActressAugust-16-1995
Casey Marie EckerAmericanActressDecember-6-1995
Chloe FerryBritishFilm & Theater PersonalitiesAugust-31-1995
Corinna KopfAmericanVloggerDecember-1-1995
Courtney Taylor BurnessAmericanActressOctober-8-1995
Denzel HarrisAmericanYouTube DancersJuly-20-1995
Dylan EverettCanadianActorJanuary-24-1995
Elijah DeJesusAmericanActressJanuary-27-1995
Eliza DarbyBritishLocation ManagementNovember-22-1995
Elizabeth BinghamBritishSelfJanuary-21-1995
Ellie PettitAmericanActressFebruary-27-1995
Ethan PayneBritishSocial Media StarJune-20-1995
Giana BasilloArgentinianActressJanuary-20-1995
Holly BodimeadeBritishActressJuly-26-1995

American Celebrities with same age of Tink

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Aaron DohVloggerFebruary-7-1995173
Adam LZVloggerMay-5-1995
Adin KolanskyVloggerDecember-12-1995
Aleia KristeneActressFebruary-11-1995157
Alex RamosVloggerJanuary-2-1995178
Alexandra KingInstagram ModelsMay-27-1995
Alyssa ShouseSocial Media StarMay-24-1995163
Ambrosia KelleyActressOctober-4-1995165
Amy CimorelliSingerJuly-1-1995147
Andrea RussettActressJune-27-1995
Andy PessoaActorOctober-30-1995169
Ann Marie SlaterSingerNovember-20-1995
Arden RoseSocial Media StarMay-3-1995163
Ashlen DiazCelebrity Family MemberDecember-19-1995
Ashlyn McEversActressAugust-23-1995171
Ashton SandersActorOctober-24-1995180
Baskin ChampionFashionJuly-1-1995173
Bekah MartinezReality TV PersonalitiesFebruary-10-1995165
Bethany MotaVloggerNovember-7-1995163

American Celebrities with same height & age of Tink

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Ambrosia KelleyActressOctober-4-1995
Bekah MartinezReality TV PersonalitiesFebruary-10-1995
Brittany LewisActressAugust-16-1995
Casey Marie EckerActressDecember-6-1995
Corinna KopfVloggerDecember-1-1995
Courtney Taylor BurnessActressOctober-8-1995
Denzel HarrisYouTube DancersJuly-20-1995
Elijah DeJesusActressJanuary-27-1995
Ellie PettitActressFebruary-27-1995
Jamie MunseyActressDecember-10-1995
Jazlyn YoderActressFebruary-9-1995
Katherine McNamaraActressNovember-22-1995
Megan Nicole DeAngelisSocial Media StarMay-15-1995
Meredith FosterVloggerNovember-5-1995
Miranda MillerGuitaristsNovember-22-1995
Nick BeanYouNow StarsMarch-13-1995
Nicola PeltzActressJanuary-9-1995
Ryan DestinyActressJanuary-8-1995
Sawyer SweetenChild ActorsMay-12-1995
Sawyer SweetenActorMay-12-1995

General Queries about Tink

When is the birthday of Tink?
18th March 1995
How tall is Tink?
165 cm
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