RZA is a famous American Singer. His birthday was on 5th July 1969. His birth star sign (Zodiac Sign) is Cancer. RZA height is about 188 cm. His born place was Brooklyn.

RZA Birthday, Height and zodiac sign
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Birthday (M/D/Y)July-5-1969 View July 5 Birthdays
Birthday (iso 8601 format)1969-07-05T00:00:00-07:00
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign)Cancer
Height in cm188
Height in feet & inches6 ft 2 ins
Born PlaceBrooklyn
Current Age in years52 years 10 months 14 days

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Ansgar BrinkmannGermanSelf181cm

Celebrities with same age of RZA

See some of the famous people who born in same month and year of RZA Birthday
Alexandra HedisonAmericanPhotographersJuly-10-1969178cm
Bodhi ElfmanAmericanActorJuly-19-1969175cm
Christopher ScarverAmericanCriminalsJuly-6-1969191cm
Jackie ChristieAmericanFashion DesignersJuly-7-1969170cm
Jenni RiveraAmericanActressJuly-2-1969155cm
Jennifer LopezAmericanActressJuly-24-1969165cm
Josh HollowayAmericanActorJuly-20-1969188cm
Ken JeongAmerican, South KoreanComediansJuly-13-1969165cm
Robin WeigertAmericanTheater PersonalitiesJuly-7-1969173cm
Shawnee SmithAmericanChild ActorsJuly-3-1969160cm
Triple HAmericanWrestlersJuly-27-1969193cm
Brian Van HoltAmericanActorJuly-6-1969188cm

Celebrities with same age & height of RZA

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Brett FavreAmericanAmerican Football PlayersOctober-10-1969
Cameron MathisonCanadianActorAugust-25-1969
Gerard ButlerBritish, ScottishActorNovember-13-1969
Josh HollowayAmericanActorJuly-20-1969
Mariano RiveraPanamanianBaseball PlayersNovember-29-1969
TiëstoNetherlands AntillesDJsJanuary-17-1969
Philip PavelAmericanActorSeptember-2-1969
Brian Van HoltAmericanActorJuly-6-1969
Sam ZellerAmericanActorJuly-26-1969
Paul AdelsteinAmericanActorApril-29-1969
Wood HarrisAmericanActorOctober-17-1969
Joe CarnahanAmericanWriterMay-9-1969
Dominic FumusaAmericanActorSeptember-13-1969
Jason BlumAmericanProducerFebruary-20-1969
Colman DomingoAmericanActorNovember-28-1969
Tommy MorrisonAmericanActorJanuary-2-1969
Bryan FullerAmericanWriterJuly-27-1969
Eric EtebariAmericanActorDecember-5-1969

American Celebrities with same age of RZA

Here is a list of famous persons who born in same year and same country of RZA.
Alexandra HedisonPhotographersJuly-10-1969178
Amy LandeckerActressSeptember-30-1969170
Andrew BryniarskiActorFebruary-13-1969196
Andrew CunananCriminalsAugust-31-1969
Angie EverhartActressSeptember-7-1969
Anne HecheActressMay-25-1969165
Aunjanue L. EllisActressFebruary-21-1969175
Ayaan Hirsi AliWomen's Rights ActivistsNovember-13-1969
Beau BidenLawyers & JudgesFebruary-3-1969183
Ben HarperSingerOctober-28-1969190
Bobby BrownSingerFebruary-5-1969178
Bodhi ElfmanActorJuly-19-1969175
Brett FavreAmerican Football PlayersOctober-10-1969188
Brian McKnightLyricists & SongwritersJune-5-1969193
Carson KressleyFashion DesignersNovember-11-1969178
Cesar MillanMedia PersonalitiesAugust-27-1969165
Chandra WilsonActressAugust-27-1969
Chaz BonoActivistsMarch-4-1969168
Chris PérezGuitaristsAugust-14-1969

American Celebrities with same height & age of RZA

Here is a list of most famous people who born in same year and with same height of RZA.
Brett FavreAmerican Football PlayersOctober-10-1969
Josh HollowayActorJuly-20-1969
Philip PavelActorSeptember-2-1969
Brian Van HoltActorJuly-6-1969
Sam ZellerActorJuly-26-1969
Paul AdelsteinActorApril-29-1969
Wood HarrisActorOctober-17-1969
Joe CarnahanWriterMay-9-1969
Dominic FumusaActorSeptember-13-1969
Jason BlumProducerFebruary-20-1969
Colman DomingoActorNovember-28-1969
Tommy MorrisonActorJanuary-2-1969
Bryan FullerWriterJuly-27-1969
Eric EtebariActorDecember-5-1969
John DuceyActorJanuary-21-1969
Christopher SieberActorFebruary-18-1969
Adam BeasonWriterAugust-25-1969

General Queries about RZA

When is the birthday of RZA?
5th July 1969
How tall is RZA?
188 cm
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