Beck is a famous American Musician. His birthday was on 8th July 1970. His birth star sign (Zodiac Sign) is Cancer. Beck height is about 170 cm. His born place was Los Angeles, California, United States.

Beck Birthday, Height and zodiac sign
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Birthday (M/D/Y)July-8-1970 View July 8 Birthdays
Birthday (iso 8601 format)1970-07-08T00:00:00-07:00
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign)Cancer
Height in cm170
Height in feet & inches5 ft 6 ins
Born PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States
Current Age in years52 years 2 months 29 days

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Christof ArnoldGermanActor178cm

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Charisma CarpenterAmericanBallet DancersJuly-23-1970170cm
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Scott AukermanAmericanWriterJuly-2-1970189cm

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Bethenny FrankelAmericanBusiness WomenNovember-4-1970
Charisma CarpenterAmericanBallet DancersJuly-23-1970
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Jane GoldmanBritishT V & Movie ProducersJune-11-1970
Jennifer ConnellyAmericanActressDecember-12-1970
Jennifer WestfeldtAmericanActressFebruary-2-1970
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Lisa Robin KellyAmericanActressMarch-5-1970
Megan DoddsAmericanActressFebruary-15-1970
Robert Ben GarantAmericanFilm & Theater PersonalitiesSeptember-14-1970
Saif Ali KhanIndianActorAugust-16-1970
Sarah SilvermanAmericanComediansDecember-1-1970
Shannon BreamAmericanJournalistsDecember-23-1970
Tamara TaylorCanadianActressSeptember-27-1970
Yancy ButlerAmericanActressJuly-2-1970
Ken LeungAmericanActorJanuary-21-1970
Larry Joe CampbellAmericanActorNovember-29-1970
Sarah SilvermanAmericanActressDecember-1-1970

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Adam PascalSingerOctober-25-1970183
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Amy RedfordActressOctober-22-1970
Andre AgassiTennis PlayersApril-29-1970180
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Bethenny FrankelBusiness WomenNovember-4-1970170
Bobby CannavaleActorMay-3-1970188
Brooke LangtonActressNovember-27-1970165
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Bethenny FrankelBusiness WomenNovember-4-1970
Charisma CarpenterBallet DancersJuly-23-1970
Jennifer ConnellyActressDecember-12-1970
Jennifer WestfeldtActressFebruary-2-1970
Ken LeungActorJanuary-21-1970
Lisa Robin KellyActressMarch-5-1970
Megan DoddsActressFebruary-15-1970
Robert Ben GarantFilm & Theater PersonalitiesSeptember-14-1970
Sarah SilvermanComediansDecember-1-1970
Shannon BreamJournalistsDecember-23-1970
Yancy ButlerActressJuly-2-1970
Ken LeungActorJanuary-21-1970
Larry Joe CampbellActorNovember-29-1970
Sarah SilvermanActressDecember-1-1970
Thomas J. ChurchillProducerAugust-4-1970
Rivers CuomoSoundtrackJune-13-1970
Jeremy LoweActorApril-24-1970
Bellamy YoungActressFebruary-19-1970
Charisma CarpenterActressJuly-23-1970
Monique Gabriela CurnenActressSeptember-7-1970

General Queries about Beck

When is the birthday of Beck?
8th July 1970
How tall is Beck?
170 cm
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