Ailee is a famous American Singer. Her birthday was on 30th May 1989. Her birth star sign (Zodiac Sign) is Gemini. Ailee height is about 165 cm. Her born place was Denver, Colorado, United States.

Ailee Birthday, Height and zodiac sign
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Birthday (M/D/Y)May-30-1989 View May 30 Birthdays
Birthday (iso 8601 format)1989-05-30T00:00:00-07:00
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign)Gemini
Height in cm165
Height in feet & inches5 ft 4 ins
Born PlaceDenver, Colorado, United States
Current Age in years33 years 2 months 13 days

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Kevin CovaisAmericanActor173cm
Stephanie HuntAmericanActress163cm

Celebrities with same age of Ailee

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Beneil DariushAmerican, IranianSportspersonsMay-6-1989178cm
Brandon Mychal SmithAmericanActorMay-29-1989180cm
Cam NewtonAmericanAmerican Football PlayersMay-11-1989196cm
Catherine ValdesAmericanVloggerMay-16-1989168cm
Christopher Maurice BrownAmericanMusiciansMay-5-1989185cm
Cyprien IovFrenchVloggerMay-12-1989178cm
Dianne BuswellAustralianDancersMay-6-1989175cm
Durrani PopalAmericanReality TV PersonalitiesMay-6-1989160cm
Lexy PanterraAmericanYouTube DancersMay-22-1989170cm
Marco ReusGermanFootball PlayersMay-31-1989180cm
Megan BowenAmericanSocial Media StarMay-16-1989170cm

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Bebe RexhaAmericanSingerAugust-30-1989
Betsy WoodruffAmericanNewspaper ColumnistsOctober-31-1989
Daniel RadcliffeBritishActorJuly-23-1989
Eliza TaylorAustralianActressOctober-24-1989
Emeraude ToubiaCanadianActressMarch-1-1989
Jake LloydAmericanActorMarch-5-1989
Jessica Brown FindlayBritishActressSeptember-14-1989
Jung So-minSouth KoreanActressMarch-16-1989
Lily CollinsBritishActressMarch-18-1989
Sam TsuiAmericanSingerMay-2-1989
Jake LloydAmericanActorMarch-5-1989
Tylor ChaseAmericanActorSeptember-6-1989
Alia ShawkatAmericanActressApril-18-1989
Tyler OakleyAmericanActorMarch-22-1989
Ashley BensonAmericanActressDecember-18-1989
Bebe RexhaAmericanSoundtrackAugust-30-1989
Daniella MonetAmericanActressMarch-1-1989
Olivia LuccardiAmericanActressMay-17-1989
Emily RiosAmericanActressApril-27-1989
Tiler PeckAmericanActressJanuary-12-1989

American Celebrities with same age of Ailee

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Aaron BurrissVloggerFebruary-4-1989196
Aaron HernandezAmerican Football PlayersNovember-6-1989185
Adore DelanoSingerSeptember-29-1989182
Adrien BronerBoxersJuly-28-1989170
Alden EhrenreichActorNovember-22-1989175
Alex D. LinzActorJanuary-3-1989175
Alex MorganAmerican Football PlayersJuly-2-1989170
Alexis KnappActressJuly-31-1989173
Ali CobrinActressJuly-21-1989173
Allison SpeedVloggerAugust-13-1989
Aly MichalkaActressMarch-25-1989173
Andrew LuckAmerican Football PlayersSeptember-12-1989193
Andrew TaggartDJsDecember-31-1989175
Anna AkanaVloggerAugust-18-1989160
Anthony RizzoBaseball PlayersAugust-8-1989190
Anton YelchinActorMarch-11-1989175
AphmauSocial Media StarOctober-16-1989147
Ashley BensonFashionDecember-18-1989160
Ashley NicholeSocial Media StarDecember-25-1989
Ashley Nicole RobertsReality TV PersonalitiesNovember-23-1989173

American Celebrities with same height & age of Ailee

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Bebe RexhaSingerAugust-30-1989
Betsy WoodruffNewspaper ColumnistsOctober-31-1989
Jake LloydActorMarch-5-1989
Sam TsuiSingerMay-2-1989
Jake LloydActorMarch-5-1989
Tylor ChaseActorSeptember-6-1989
Alia ShawkatActressApril-18-1989
Tyler OakleyActorMarch-22-1989
Ashley BensonActressDecember-18-1989
Bebe RexhaSoundtrackAugust-30-1989
Daniella MonetActressMarch-1-1989
Olivia LuccardiActressMay-17-1989
Emily RiosActressApril-27-1989
Tiler PeckActressJanuary-12-1989
Whitney MooreActressJune-22-1989
Mia SerafinoActressApril-19-1989
Courtney HalversonActressJune-14-1989
Brit SheridanActressSeptember-28-1989
Lindsay TaylorActressOctober-14-1989
Ava Deluca-VerleyActressSeptember-27-1989

General Queries about Ailee

When is the birthday of Ailee?
30th May 1989
How tall is Ailee?
165 cm
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